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Reach & Ready® Beverage Bar. Natural color

Reach & Ready®
Stay Refreshed. Stay Secure.

Introducing the groundbreaking Reach and Ready® beverage bar, a fusion of cutting-edge design and concealed security that is poised to redefine convenience.

Step into a world where style meets ingenuity. Initially, it's the epitome of beverage bars, showcasing a modern, sleek design, and providing an array of refreshments at your fingertips. What sets it in a league of its own is the patent-pending concealed gun cabinet feature, hidden in plain sight.

With the choice of two stunning colors, Slate Gray and Natural Teak, this versatile masterpiece blends seamlessly with any decor. Crafted from solid teak wood, Reach and Ready® offers not only aesthetics but also a sense of durability and sophistication that's unmatched.

Elevate your space with the perfect fusion of luxury and concealed security, courtesy of Reach and Ready® - where innovation seamlessly intertwines with form and function.

Reach & Ready® hidden gun cabinet


Reach & Ready® wine drawers


Reach & Ready® wine drawers


The upper cabinet features a pair of glass doors with lockable mechanisms, a glass shelf, two hanging glass racks, a mirrored back wall, an adjustable lighting system, an electrical outlet equipped with both AC power and device charging ports, an engineered stone countertop, and two concealed weapon compartments boasting a proprietary locking system.

- Premium Solid Teak Wood - No Veneer
- Special Engineered Stone Countertop
- Glass Shelf and Mirrored Back Wall
- Two Hanging Glass Racks
- Adjustable Interior Light
- Electrical Power Outlet With Device Charging
- Keyed Locks On All Cabinet Doors
- Two Large Storage Drawers
- Mini Fridge Compartment
- Room for Blender and Ice Maker
- Two Weapon Compartments with Proprietary Locking System

Reach & Ready® Beverage Bar Natural finish
Reach & Ready® beverage bar gray finish


Reach & Ready® hidden gun cabinet open


The lower cabinet is equipped with two practical utility drawers, two cabinet doors with lockable mechanisms, a right-side storage compartment featuring a removable shelf, which, when taken out, creates space for a mini fridge. On the left side, you'll find four custom-designed wine bottle drawers for your convenience.

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